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Table of applicable fees

Fitness to practise

The HPCA Act requires the Pharmacy Council to be assured that all pharmacists applying for a practising certificate (recertifying) are fit to practise.


Setting professional development requirements for recertification is one way the Council can be assured you are taking action to stay competent as a pharmacist.


Pharmacy Council and joint Statements


Social media, advertising, workplace pressures and writing SOP Guidelines

What we do

Enhanced wellbeing through excellence in pharmacy practice.

Council members

Pharmacy Council members are appointed by the Minister of Health. The Council has eight members including six pharmacists and two lay members.

Medicines management

Medicines Management Framework, MUR Competence Standards and Prescriber Service Statement

Operations team

The Pharmacy Council members appoint the Chief Executive who then appoints the operations team. Our operations team helps the Pharmacy Council run smoothly.

Intern pharmacists

How to register as an Intern Pharmacist if you’ve graduated from a Bachelor of Pharmacy programme in New Zealand or Australia.

Fitness for registration

If you’re applying to register with the Pharmacy Council for the first time, we must ensure you’re fit for registration. It’s a requirement of the HPCA Act 2003.

What is pharmacist practice?

Pharmacy is about the manufacture, supply, and effects of medicines. Pharmacists give patients access to appropriate medicines and advise how to use them.

What you can expect from your pharmacist

A pharmacist’s main responsibility is to make sure that you have appropriate access to medicines that are safe and effective. You can expect your pharmacist to act professionally, meeting standards set by the Pharmacy Council. You can complain if you’re unhappy with a pharmacist’s conduct.

Make a complaint or raise a concern about a pharmacist

If you’re unhappy about the way a pharmacist has treated you, you can make a complaint to the Health and Disability Commissioner (HDC), or raise a concern with the Pharmacy Council. Which you do, depends on the kind of problem.


Information if you are no longer on the register and wish to be reinstated.

Criminal history checks

In certain circumstances, we ask pharmacists and interns to send us their criminal history reports.

Annual reports

See our current and historic Pharmacy Council Annual Reports.

Pharmacist prescribers

Information regarding pharmacist prescriber scope, education, training and registration requirements.

Gazette notices

This page lists the latest Pharmacy Council Notices published in the New Zealand Gazette.

English Language Requirements

All graduates applying for registration in the Intern Scope of Practice must be able to communicate effectively in English.


See current and historic Council newsletters

Law & Ethics Interview

As part of registration, we interview applicants on their knowledge of the law and ethics of New Zealand pharmacy.

Privacy statement

We have a statement about the way we use pharmacists’ information, and you can read it here.

New Zealand & Australian Graduates

Are you graduating this year? Online applications to register as an intern pharmacist will be open in late November.Intern Pharmacist scope of practice and annual practising certificateNew Zealand and Australian Bachelor of Pharmacy graduates are eligible to register...

Council competence and conduct committees

The CFPC considers significant concerns about a pharmacist’s competence or health and the PCC considers complaints, concerns or convictions referred by the Council.

Safety Alerts

Enhanced wellbeing through excellence in pharmacy practice.


The policies of the Pharmacy Council are altered from time to time.

Online Portal

Welcome to the onlineportal for New Zealand registered pharmacists Once you log in, you can: Update your contact details View/print a copy of your annual...

Concerns about a pharmacist

Concerns about a pharmacist Ngā māharahara mō tētahi kaimātau rongoā A complaint has been made about me or I have a concern about another pharmacist


I am amember of the publicI want to practise in NZI am a NZ registered pharmacistGeneral

Resources & publications

Resources & publications Ngā Rauemi me ngā Tānga See our publications, consultations and more.

what do pharmacists do

What dopharmacists do? He aha ngā mahi a ngā kaimātau rongoā? Pharmacists give patients access to appropriate medicines and advise how to use them. Practising pharmacists in NZ are qualified, registered, and skilled in their area or...

Standards and practice

Standards and practice information He Mōhiohio mō ngā Paerewa me ngā Mahi PDFs of Standard and practice information for...


Contact Whakapā mai Our contact details PO Box 25137Wellington 6140New Zealand Level 8, Kordia House109 Willis StreetTe AroWellington 6011New Zealand 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday +64 4 495 0330If you have any questions, please email us at...

I am a pharmacist

I am apharmacist He kaimātau rongoā ahau Standards, statements, guidelines and general information for the New Zealand pharmacist  PDFs of Standard and practice information for...

About the Pharmacy Council

About thePharmacyCouncil He whakamōhio mō Te Pou Whakamana Kaimatū o Aotearoa Who we areThe Pharmacy Council is a Responsible Authority created by the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act (HPCA Act) 2003 and protects the public by ensuring that pharmacists...


Covid-19 Updates and Information

I am a NZ registered pharmacist

He kaimātau rongoā ahau kua rēhitatia ki Aotearoa I am a NZregisteredpharmacist I am apharmacist Standards and practice, registration status, fees, fitness to...

I want to practise in New Zealand

Kei te pīrangi ahau ki te whai i tēnei mahi ki Aotearoa I want to practise in New Zealand I want to register as a pharmacist Find out if you are eligible for registration in New Zealand Accredited education programmes Find out about accredited education...

I am a member of the public

He mema ahau o te hāpori I am a memberof the public About thePharmacy Council The Pharmacy Council protects the public by ensuring that pharmacists are competent and fit to practise. What dopharmacists do? Pharmacists give patients access to appropriate medicines and...


WelcomeNau mai, haere mai We protect the health, safety and wellbeing of the public by ensuring pharmacists are competent and fit to practise I am a member...