Operations team
Te Rōpū Whakahaere
The Pharmacy Council members appoint the Chief Executive who then appoints the operations team. Our operations team helps the Pharmacy Council run smoothly.

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The current team members are:



Michael Pead Chief Executive

Complaints and Discipline

Dr O George Manager Regulatory and Registrar
F Potz-Nielsen Senior Case Manager
M Trueman Registrations Officer (Notifications and Complaints)

Compliance, Registration and Standards

N Young Quality Improvement Pharmacist
G Dahya Practice Advisor
S Thompson Registrations Officer
B Perez Registrations Officer

Assurance of Qualifications and Competence

 –  Manager Qualifications and Competence Assurance
M Burt Process Manager Accreditation, Assessment and Recertification


Dr J Ng Chief Strategic Advisor
V Lowe Manager Finance and Performance
Y Morrison Assistant Accountant
M Adams Executive Assistant
S B Administrative Assistant