Safety Alerts
Safety alerts for your attention

April 2019

Safety Alert – Caution required with compounded oral liquid formulations

Please read the Safety Alert which provides detailed information regarding the compounding of oral formulations. As there have been recent errors involving compounded oral formulations Council recommends that you take heed of the expert advice from the Compounding Advisory Group.  You are advised to ensure that all dispensary staff read this information and ensure that a copy is readily available to refer to in future. We suggest keeping an electronic copy and include a hard copy in your manufacturing folder. 

March 2019

Safety Alert – Benzathine benzylpenicillin tetrahydrate Bicillin LA – HQSC

March 2018

Safety Alert – Atropine 0.01%

1 August 2016
(since amended)

Safety Alert – Atropine 0.01%