Information if you are no longer on the register and wish to be reinstated.

This information is for pharmacists who are no longer on the register of pharmacists who wish to reinstate their registration in New Zealand.

If you have been removed (under either the HPCA Act 2003 or the Pharmacy Act 1970) you can make an application to have your registration reinstated on the Register.

Applications for reinstatement should be made online.  Documentation to support an application includes:

  • A criminal conviction history obtained from the Ministry of Justice (This must be dated within 60 days of the date of application). If you have lived overseas prior to applying for reinstatement, you will also need to provide a criminal conviction history from each country you have resided in.
  • A passport photo, on the Pharmacy Council verification template. This must be completed by someone who has known you for 12 months or more (not a family member).
  • An identification document (certified by either a JP, Solicitor, Notary Public or Court/Deputy Registrar).  Acceptable identification documents are: Birth Certificate, Passport – details page, Citizenship Certificate or NZ Driver Licence.

Reinstatement of your registration alone does not entitle you to practise as a pharmacist in New Zealand.  If you wish to practice you can apply to be issued with an Annual Practising Certificate (APC) at the same time as you are applying for reinstatement.  See Returning to Practice for further information and additional documentation requirements.

If you are not going to practise once your registration has been reinstated, your status on the Register will be ‘inactive’ (ie non-practising).

Begin your application for reinstatement.