Make a complaint or raise a concern about a pharmacist
Ko te tuku amuamu, ko te whakaara māharahara mō tētahi kaimātau rongoā
If you’re unhappy about the way a pharmacist has treated you, you can make a complaint to the Health and Disability Commissioner (HDC), or raise a concern with the Pharmacy Council. Which you do, depends on the kind of problem.

Talk to your pharmacist first

Whatever your concern about pharmacy services, talk to the pharmacist first. Often, having enough information about your medicine will prevent problems arising. Talk to your pharmacist about your medicines and any concerns you may have, when you collect your medicines at the pharmacy.

Deciding where to send your complaint

If your complaint affects health services you’ve received as a consumer from the pharmacist, make your complaint to the Health and Disability Commissioner (HDC).

If your complaint doesn’t involve a health service but you’re concerned about the pharmacist’s conduct, fitness to practise, or health, tell the Pharmacy Council.

Not sure which organisation to contact? They will refer complaints to each other if needed.

Complaints about the service you’ve received from a pharmacist

If your complaint involves a health service, like giving information on medicines, then go to the Health and Disability Commissioner. This independent agency promotes and protects the rights of people using health and disability services, which are set out in its Code of Consumer Rights.

Read the HDC’s Code of Rights on the HDC’s website

Read about how to make complaint to the Health and Disability Commissioner on the HDC’s website

Read your rights under the HDC’s Code of Consumer Rights on the HDC’s website

You can also email or phone the HDC:

The HDC will keep you informed

The HDC will decide whether to investigate your complaint, and whether your rights have been breached.

They’ll tell you and us if they’ve started an investigation. Or instead, they may :

  • refer the complaint to us, especially if they are concerned about the pharmacist’s ability, behaviour, or health; we’ll tell you if this happens
  • recommend you contact the Nationwide Health and Disability Service
  • finish their investigation without referring the complaint further.

Concerns about a pharmacist’s conduct or health

If you’re concerned about the pharmacist’s conduct — like inappropriate behaviour or alleged illegal activity — contact us at the Pharmacy Council. We may refer your complaint to a Professional Conduct Committee.

If you’re concerned that a pharmacist’s health may affect their safe practice, also contact us. Health problems that could affect a pharmacist’s safe practice could include illness, injury, or:

  • alcohol or drug dependence
  • mental illness
  • stress
  • loss of motor skills
  • early stages of dementia.

We’ll take action to protect public safety if needed.

Talk to another pharmacist first

We recommend you talk to another pharmacist about your concerns before you contact us with a formal notification. They may be able to help you resolve the problem.

Go online to send us your complaint or raise your concern

Use our online form to report a complaint or a concern

We’ll reply quickly to let you know what’s happening

We’ll explain what we’re likely to do, and how long it will take.

Many complaints can be solved quickly. But our Professional Conduct Committee may need to investigate some of them more fully. In this case, the committee will work closely with you.

Read about the Pharmacy Council’s Professional Conduct Committee

We’ll tell you about any action we take, such as placing conditions on the pharmacist or suspending their registration.

Complaints involving advertising or promoting medicines

If your complaint involves advertising or promoting:

  • any medicine,
  • complementary therapy,
  • herbal remedy,
  • service or intervention
  • or other healthcare product

please contact Advertising Standard Authority directly for further information.