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Pharmacy Council 2021 Performance Review

Responsible Authorities (RA), such as the Pharmacy Council, are required to undertake periodic performance reviews as mandated under section 122A of the Health Practitioners’ Competence Assurance Act (HPCAA) 2003. They involve an independent, systematic, objective, and documented review of a responsible authority’s performance and the extent to which that responsible authority meets the prescribed performance standards for both evaluative and formative purposes (see The Ministry of Health’s General terms of reference for performance reviews of responsible authorities).

Performance reviews are conducted under the Ministry’s HSII-QAS-HealthCERT framework. Reviewers will be appointed by the Ministry of Health based on their expertise and experience in conducting reviews, knowledge and awareness of the regulation of health practitioners in New Zealand, cost-effectiveness and affordability, and capacity to manage the work required. BSI is a Ministry of Health appointed reviewer who completed the performance review of the Pharmacy Council.  Council is pleased to report all the core performance standards have been achieved.

A copy of Council’s report can be found here.