Going to work overseas
Planning to leave NZ to practise elsewhere in the world?

Certificates of Current Professional Status

If you are planning to leave New Zealand to practise in another country, you may need to apply for a Certificate of Current Professional Status.

A certificate of current professional status provides information on your current registration status and your registration details. It also provides a statement on your fitness to practise pharmacy.  This will either be:

  • a statement that shows there is no legal barrier (on disciplinary, competence, criminal or health grounds) to your practice in New Zealand; or
  • if there is a current or intended investigation or proceeding before us (or the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal) there will be a brief summary of the investigation or proceeding in the statement.

Most overseas regulatory authorities require this certificate to be sent directly to them.

To request a certificate of current professional status, please log in to your online account.

Allow at least ten (10) working days for your request to be processed.

New Zealand Register of Pharmacists

If you are overseas and your annual practising certificate expires, your name will be transferred to the non practising register.  You can remain on the non practising register if you renew your register retention by completing the application form that is sent out at the beginning of each year and by paying the non practising fee. If we do not have your correct email address, or we do not receive any response to register renewal notices, your name will be removed from the register.

You can ask for your registration to be cancelled and for your name to be removed from the register at any time. To do this, please apply to request removal by logging into your portal and using the Request Removal form. There is no fee for removing your name.

Please see this section of our website if you wish to be restored to the register.

For further enquiries contact the Registrations Officer.