New Zealand graduate route
Te Huarahi Whai Tohu ki Aotearoa
New Zealand (or Australian) Graduate Route

Register via the New Zealand graduate route

Apply for an APC in the Intern Pharmacist scope of practice.

Complete Evolve Intern programme (37 weeks), and Pass Assessment Centre.

Apply for an APC in Pharmacist scope of practice.

Intern pharmacists

How to register as an Intern Pharmacist if you’ve graduated from a Bachelor of Pharmacy programme in New Zealand or Australia.

Accreditation system

This project involves developing and implementing new, contemporary, and evidence-based accreditation standards and processes.

Fitness for registration

If you’re applying to register with the Pharmacy Council for the first time, we must ensure you’re fit for registration. It’s a requirement of the HPCA Act 2003.

Privacy statement

We have a statement about the way we use pharmacists’ information, and you can read it here.