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Media Releases from the Pharmacy Council

Media Releases from the Pharmacy Council

Current media releases from the Pharmacy Council are listed below

30 January 2023

New Pharmacy Council APC fee and Disciplinary Levy from 1 April 2023

The Pharmacy Council will increase the APC fee for the recertification year beginning 1 April 2023 by 4.1% being the minimum required to successfully deliver the outcomes of the 13 regulatory functions required of it under s118 of the HPCAA.

8 December 2022

Safe pharmacy practice focus in face of low pass rate for pharmacy interns

The Pharmacy Council is concerned that this year’s Assessment Centre pass rate for pharmacy interns is lower than it has ever been, but says it is important to maintain safe pharmacy practice.

27 June 2022

Pharmacy Team Relief Fund extended

The Pharmacy Team Relief Fund which has been supporting pharmacy teams since October 2020 has been extended.

18 November 2021

New appointments to Pharmacy Council board

The Council announces three new appointments and the reappointment of two existing members.  See the Media Release for full details. 

November 2021

Fraudulent Prescriptions

Pharmacy Council’s actions focused on ensuring high quality practice.  

2 October 2020

Relief on the way for pandemic pressured pharmacy teams

Some well-earned respite will soon be available for community pharmacy teams who have been at the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic response since it started in March.

2 October 2020

Pharmacy Council freezes APC fee and provides rebate from underspend

The Pharmacy Council will keep its Annual Practising Certificate fees at the same level for the next financial year as it works to support pharmacists facing pandemic pressures.

2 October 2020

New recertification roll-out informed by pharmacist feedback

The Pharmacy Council is easing in the rollout of its new recertification programme and easing existing requirements in recognition of the pandemic workload pressures facing pharmacists.