Pharmacists qualified in the UK, USA, Canada and Ireland
Ko ngā kaimātau rongoā i whai tohu i Peretānia, i Amerika, i Kānata, i Airana hoki
Recognised Equivalent Qualification Route (REQR)

Register via REQR 

Pass CAOP competency exam (2 attempts permitted).

Apply online for NZ Registration.

APC issued.
Note: Condition placed on APC (recorded on the public register).

Requirements of condition:

  • complete supervised practice

  • pass law and ethics interview

  • complete Revisit the workplace programme (if required)

Unconditional APC issued.

Applying to register under REQR

The REQR process is open to practising pharmacists who

  • gained their pharmacy degree in Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom (UK) or the United States of America (USA),


  • successfully completed an approved programme from a learning institution in one of the above countries (i.e. PEBC in Canada, OSPAP in the UK or NAPLEX in the USA).

A practising pharmacist from one of the above countries who is currently registered and in good standing with the registration authority in their own country can apply for registration in New Zealand under the REQR process.

NB: Overseas pharmacists who have registration in one of the above countries but did not gain their pharmacy degree or complete an approved programme in Canada, Ireland, the UK or the USA are not eligible for registration under the REQR process.  Please see information to determine eligibility under the Non-REQR process.

CAOP Examination

Prior to applying for registration in New Zealand, an applicant must sit and pass the computer-based, competency assessment of overseas pharmacists (CAOP) examination.

The CAOP exam is delivered by the Australian Pharmacy Council. Exam venues, fees, subject areas, topics, and sample questions are on the Australian Pharmacy Council website, and applications to sit the exam are made online. Fees are payable at the time of application.  (NB: When contacting the Australian Pharmacy Council, please advise your intention to register in New Zealand.)

Please note, the Competency Stream Skill Assessment from Australian Pharmacy Council is not relevant for NZ registration

For upcoming CAOP exam dates, please see the Australian Pharmacy Council website.

The Australian Pharmacy Council will notify candidates of their results approximately four weeks after the exam date.

Candidates applying for New Zealand registration are allowed two attempts to pass the CAOP exam. Further attempts are only permitted at the discretion of the Pharmacy Council.

Application for Registration

Candidates who pass the CAOP exam have two years to apply for registration as a pharmacist in New Zealand.

Documentation to support an REQR application includes the following:

  • Certificate of Current Professional Status/Letter of Good Standing from each registration authority practised in over the last 10 years. This document must be no older than six months at the date of the application being submitted. The Pharmacy Council must receive these directly from the Registration Authority before an application can be considered.
  • If not already checked by Immigration New Zealand, a criminal convictions record from each country an applicant has lived in.
  • CAOP results notification letter from the Australian Pharmacy Council.
  • Name of supervising pharmacist, name and address of the pharmacy and proposed start date.
  • Work history in chronological order including start and end dates, hours worked per week (approximate) for each role, and brief description of pharmacist duties.
  • Supporting documentation if the applicant discloses a health or conduct matter.
  • Application fee (credit/debit card).

A pharmacist must hold an annual practising certificate to practise pharmacy even while working under supervision and meeting specified requirements. Initially, a condition will be placed on the scope of practice, and it will be recorded on the public register.  Once all the requirements of the condition have been met, the Council will remove the condition and issue an unconditional practising certificate.


If you have passed CAOP and you are ready to start your application for registration.

Supervised Practice and the Law & Ethics Interview

Applicants from Ireland and the UK are required to complete a minimum of four weeks’ supervised practice under the supervision of a practising New Zealand pharmacist, before attending a Law and Ethics interview with an approved assessor.

Applicants from Canada and the USA are required to complete a minimum of three months’ supervised practice before attending the interview.  They must also successfully complete the revisit the workplace programme run by the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand.

NB: The supervising pharmacist must meet the Pharmacy Council requirements.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to find employment.  The Pharmacy Council does not assist with finding employment opportunities. 


Immigration Requirements

Applicants must be eligible to work as a pharmacist in New Zealand and must enclose proof with their application for Registration as a Pharmacist.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to confirm their immigration status with the NZ Immigration Service.

For further enquiries please email the Registrations Officer.