2021 Performance Review
Read the results of the independent review of the Pharmacy Council’s performance.

The Ministry of Health undertakes periodic reviews of responsible authorities such as the Pharmacy Council to provide assurance to the Crown and the public that they are performing their functions efficiently and effectively in the interests of public safety and public confidence in the regulatory system. The reviews also support organisational capability and quality improvement efforts.

The review found:

  • Processes and systems are well established to register applicants, issue practising certificates, review and improve competence, and respond to complaints, conduct and health notifications.
  • The Council demonstrates the principles of right-touch regulation through its policies, processes, systems, consultations, plans and how it works with the profession and stakeholders.

Recommendations from the performance review build on current initiatives including:

  • continuing to complete setting up the Council’s own accreditation standards, structures, processes and policies
  • further evolving clinical and cultural standards via designated projects (including quality improvement, cultural safety and health equity, and prescriber standards)
  • continuing the journey for improvement of health equity and cultural safety, including recruitment of a dedicated role
  • continue to implement a policy and SOP review process.

Read the performance review report

Published May 2022