2022 APC process – how did it go?
APC applications continue to grow, following successful APC process.

We have just completed a successful APC process. Thank you to everyone who has completed their application. We understand the additional pressure of this process in the middle of a COVID epidemic but want to congratulate you all.

APC applications this year show that there is continued growth in the sector. At 1 May 2022, there were 1.2% more practising pharmacists than at 1 May 2021, as shown in the table below.

Current APCs

At 1 May 2021

At 1 May 2022*

% change


(of which are Pharmacist Prescribers)







Intern pharmacists




Total current APCs




* Note – these figures cannot be directly compared to figures provided in our Annual Workforce Demographic Report due to the different reporting period.  ** Including 14 pharmacists who held an Emergency Practising Certificate.

At 1 May 2022, of the 4,271 pharmacists who held a practising certificate at the end of the 2021-22 APC year, 266 have not renewed their APC. Of these:

  • 160 pharmacists transferred to inactive (non-practising) status
  • 28 requested to be removed from the register
  • 78 have not yet made an application.

Despite 266 pharmacists not renewing their APC, the number of practising pharmacists still has increased due to intern registering and pharmacists returning to practice.

On the whole, online systems performed as expected throughout the March recertification period. We acknowledge that towards the end of the period a small number of pharmacists experienced issues with resetting their online account passwords, delays in system loading times, and receipt of confirmation emails. Our team worked with affected pharmacists to ensure they could submit an application and like we always do we have commenced a review to determine how the process may be improved for the future.

Published 13 May 2022