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Registration Online 

The Pharmacy Council is moving from paper-based to online application forms. This will apply to those registering in the intern scope of practice and to those who will be registering in the pharmacist scope of practice for the first time. This move will make your application to register as quick and easy as possible.

Graduates registering in the intern scope of practice 

To make it as easy as possible, please make sure you use this checklist to ensure you have everything at hand before you start your application:

  • Confirmation that you have passed your BPharm degree (not needed if you are a non-REQR pharmacist)
  • Confirmation that you have an intern training site and a preceptor
  • A scanned copy of either your birth certificate OR details page of your passport OR your citizenship certificate (certified) 
  • A scanned copy of a recent photo ID (eg drivers licence) OR a passport-sized photo (certified)
  • A scanned copy of your criminal conviction history. This must be obtained by the Ministry of Justice. Please note, this takes up to 20 working days to be processed.

The fee to make an application to register in the intern scope of practice is $695.11. You will be able to pay this by credit card or by internet banking.

Once your application has been approved, your name will appear in the public register (which can be found online here), and you will be able to practise as an intern pharmacist under supervision.

It is anticipated that applications will open on Monday 27th November, and you will have until Thursday 25th January to complete your application. It will take Pharmacy Council staff at least five working days to complete your registration and it may take longer.     

You must be registered before 1 February 2018 to be able to start the EVOLVE intern training programme on 1 February. 

Once you are on our register and start your EVOLVE intern training programme, we will post a pack of useful Council material to you, which will include Competence Standards, Code of Ethics and the Statement on Cultural Competence. These documents will help you in your journey to becoming a registered pharmacist.  

The Pharmacy Council will be in touch with you over your time within the intern scope of practice, particularly regarding the two Pharmacy Council assessments, the Written Examination and the Assessment Centre, which you will undertake.  

If you have any questions regarding your online registration, please read our FAQs here, or please contact us via 

Newly registered pharmacists

For those completing the intern training programme and who successfully pass Assessment Centre this year, you will need to register in the pharmacist scope of practice. To do this, you will need to complete an online application form.

When you make your application, you will also need to upload a copy of your degree certificate, and pay the required fee of $214.59. This is a pro-rata fee until 31 March 2018. In March, you will need to make another online application for your Annual Practising Certificate. The one you make in March 2018 will then be valid for a year. 

There is nothing for you do at this stage, and you will be directed to a link on the Pharmacy Council website when you are notified of your Assessment Centre results.  

If you have any questions regarding your online registration, please contact us via