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New Zealand & Australian Graduates

Are you graduating in 2018? 

Online applications to register as an intern pharmacist will open in late November. Please click here to sign up to our email series to find out more. 

Intern scope of practice and Annual Practising Certificate

New Zealand and Australian BPharm graduates are eligible to complete a NZ pharmacy internship.  Before practising as an intern pharmacist, a graduate must:

  • be registered by the Pharmacy Council in the Intern scope of practice, and
  • be issued with an Annual Practising Certificate (APC).    

The earliest date an APC will be issued is 15 December.  It is strongly recommended that graduates begin working in their intern site as soon as possible after graduation to maximise their opportunities for experience and learning. 

NB: Australian graduates must have completed a pharmacy degree programme accredited by the Australian Pharmacy Council.

NZ Pharmacy Internship

To become a registered pharmacist, and intern must complete:

  • a period of practical training in an approved pharmacy training site under the supervision of an approved preceptor;
  • the EVOLVE Intern Programme, run by the Pharmaceutical Society of NZ Inc (PSNZ);
  • the Pharmacy Council assessments - Intern Written Examination and Assessment Centre.

What is the purpose practical training?

During the training period intern pharmacists will learn to apply their academic knowledge to develop the skills and attitudes of competent pharmacists.  Preceptor pharmacists will be responsible for guiding and supporting their interns, so they become confident at communicating with members of the public and other health professionals, and gain experience of situations that occur in a pharmacy workplace. 

New Zealand law requires that all registered health professionals can communicate in and comprehend English sufficiently to protect the health and safety of the public.

The EVOLVE Intern Programme complements the practical training provided by preceptors and pharmacy staff.  It is a structured programme to assist intern pharmacists reach the level of competence required to register as pharmacists.  During the programme interns are assessed (on-the-job appraisals, written assignments and structured practical assessments) against competence standards. Two 3-day workshops are held during the year to reinforce practical training and provide insights into other facets of pharmacy practice.

The EVOLVE Intern Programme commences each year on 1 February.

For further information or to contact the EVOLVE team please visit the PSNZ website.